Dark Phoenix is crusing in the waters of music crossover, where it combines hard-rock with other influences. All of this supported by huge emphasis on melody.

Band was originated in the spring of 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic, based on foundations of nowadays non-existent band Self-Defence.

Currently we are working on new songs and together with singer and actress Adriana Pítrová of RockOpera Prague, we are looking forward to see you live!


Adriana Pítrová - vocals

Martin Hovorka - guitar

Dušan Faško - guitar

Ondřej Žádný - bass

Jan Brožek (Jack) - manager & booking

Collaborating musicians

Jiří Neužil - kytara, keyboards

Šimon Staněk - drums

Past members:

Jan Havlíček - guitar

Tomáš Pavelka - bass

Bakó Sándor - drums


Dark Phoenix: Flaming Veil

Dark Phoenix: Černobílá

Promo singl 2018

Self-Defence: V očích hřích

live 2016

Self-Defence: Proč

live 2015